Fresh Wort Kits

Fresh Wort Kits

All grain fresh worts kits, made onsite in our craft nano brewery.

A fresh wort kit is an unfermeted beer, this means we have done all the hard work, creating the recipe and brewing it from scratch. we add all the necessary hops and adjuncts.

All you have to do is tip it into a sanitized fermenter, add the required amount of sanitized water and yeast. The easy to follow instructions provided with the kits are straight forward.

These products are our in house tap lines, that you can brew in the comfort of your own home. We can brew any style on request

Fresh Wort Kit_Alfie's Pale Ale
Fresh Wort Kit_Black Jack Stout
Fresh Wort Kit_Maddies Mid Strength
Fresh Wort Kit_Raspberry Wheat Beer
Fresh Wort Kit_S.E.Q. Indian Pale Ale
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