All Grain Recipe Kits

All Grain Recipe Kits

Our All grain recipe kits have been crafted in house, they have been tried and tested  and tested again and triple tested for quality assurance.

All these kits come with a step by step recipe card to follow. These kits are for new brewers just starting out or for experienced brewers that just want the ease of a tried and tested brew.

All kits included

1 x Easy to follow recipe card.

1 x Milled Grain bill for this particular brew. All quantities are stated on the pack, so you can see which malts are being used and at which percentages

1 x Packet of dried yeast

Hops or extracts for bittering, whirlpool and dry hopping where appropriate

Australian Pale Ale
Chocolate & Coffee Stout
Rye Ale

Rye Ale


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