Bairds Amber Malt

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This malt has a light, biscuity dry flavour and can be used to produce some Bitter and Mild Ales and sweet Stouts in the UK, as well as the traditional London Porters that have come back into favour recently. The flavour is quite intense and caution in the use of this malt is required.Made from two-row ale malt, it is manufactured by roasting kilned malt for about an hour, progressively raising the temperature of the material from ambient to 150/160°C. Because there is no saccharification stage the non enzymic browning reactions follow a different pattern, and the end products are nitrogen containing heterocycles of the pyrrole and pyrazine type, the pyrazines being mainly responsible for the bitterness.
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Amber Malt

Colour °EBC: 85-105
Moisture: 4.5% max
Extract: 77.0% min