Best Dark Munich

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BEST Munich Dark

Our BEST Munich Dark emphasizes the malty aroma components and underlines the pleasant, sweet taste of whisky. The special malting process results in a high degree of solubility without losing the positive sensory qualities of the malt. Used in a high concentration in the grain bill, this enzyme-rich malt can also be processed easily and without any loss of quality, usually by reducing the mashing process at lower temperatures.

For whisky, also as part of the grain bill in smoky whisky.

Moisture content
4.9 Extract fine grind, dry basis % 80.0
Fine-coarse difference EBC %
2.5 Viscosity (8.6%) mPa∙s
1.60 Friability % 78.0
Glassiness %
2.5 Protein, dry basis % 9.0 12.0 Soluble nitrogen mg/100g Malz-Trs. 650 800 Kolbach index

47.0 Wort color EBC 21 30 Wort color L 8.4 13.7 Wort pH
5.4 5.9 Grading > 2.5mm % 90.0
Diastatic power WK 230.0
β-Glucan (65 °C)