Blue Lake Milling Rolled Oats

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Used in porters & stouts to give a smooth, silky, almost oily creaminess to beers that is not achieved by any other means. We love putting oats in our big IPA'S and double IPAS to really give a backbone of creaminess to a massive hop addition.
Whole oats or old fashioned rolled oats have had very little gelatinisation of the starches within, so they are often boiled before being added to the mash. This is why breweries have 'Cereal Cookers' for such adjuncts like oats, rice, corn ect.
Oats need to be mashed with in conjunction with a base malt to convert the starches to fermentable sugars.

EBC: 0 - 1
Diastatic Power: 0° Lintner