HPA-016 2020 T90

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Australian Hop


Our newest proprietary flavour hop is a big-hitting, fruit-forward flavour hop bursting with sweet mandarin, citrus peel and fresh pine needles.

It has been used in limited release beers over the past few years, and is now available for forward contracting in Australia. It will be released to the rest of the world from 2021.


Since it sits firmly in the fruit quadrant of our Hop Flavour Spectrum, it is well suited to fruit-forward beer styles.

It can be used in large doses to make a high impact hazy NEIPA, or pared back to make a lighter well-balanced IPA.


HPA-016 was created by the HPA breeding program in 2004 and commercialised in 2020. It’s ancestry is a cross pollination of high alpha Australian and North American hops.

2020 016 T90 Pellets Alpha Acid 16.9%  Oil Content ml/per100g 2.20ml moisture 8.50%